Why a preventative approach is critical for making a positive impact on wellbeing

Every day, every team member at Hapstar is 100% focussed on building the best platform possible for making a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Central to our mission is tackling the issue that mental health of any individual can change suddenly, or progressively, even over a lifetime, and can be unpredictable. Changes can be short term or long term. Subtle or traumatic.

It’s a positive thing that adoption of EAPs and Mental Health First Aiders is now widespread. Both are suited to a reactive, treatment based approach to mental health.

The Hapstar belief is that organisations should be implementing preventative controls in the workplace BEFORE negative mental health states are reached.


To have an effective preventative approach, you need to help people to recognise how they feel, and guide them to understand why.

You then need to connect with the right interventions at the moment in need. And this could be a simple prompt for a subtle drop in one facet of mental health, or a more serious intervention.

All organisations want their people to be healthy, stable, adaptable, strong and resilient – all characteristics of positive mental health.

If you’d like to learn how our platform and wrap-around service can give you a preventative approach to wellbeing, let’s have a chat.

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