A Platform for you

Empower your people to take control of their wellbeing

If every manager was perfectly trained to support the mental wellbeing of your people, you'd be ok. But that's not the case. And you want to help people with their day-to-day struggles. Let's prevent challenges from developing into crises and minimise the impact of poor mental health on your workplace.


Wellbeing check-in

Empower your people to track mood, deep dive into their core pillars of wellbeing using our research-backed model to access instant support

Instant wellbeing support

Connect with in-the-moment support

  • Early warning system Identify early signs of mental health challenges
  • Instant access to expertise Connect people with helplines, coaches & therapists to reduce the chances of a challenge becoming a crisis
  • Speak up channel Anonymous comments reveal the true concerns for your people
Develop your wellbeing

Personalised action plans

  • Learning content tailored to each person Videos, activities & learning mapped to scores
  • Add in your library of actions Add your EAP, MHFA's, videos and content, or pick from our curated range of interactive activities
  • Track progress Watch your scores move as your people work through their plans
wellbeing platform

Everything you need to underpin wellbeing,
all in a single system.

Discover how the ONLY customisable wellbeing platform can power your preventative approach to mental health

Mental wellbeing diagnostics

Check-in on your mental, physical, career, financial & social health and deep-dive into assessments to uncover your drivers and challenges

Wellbeing activities

Videos, eLearning, articles and plans covering the real-world challenges faced by your people, matched to their personal needs

Live counselling

Give your people the power of coaching. Book an in-the-moment conversation with a qualified therapist, counsellor or coach of their choice

See how our clients connect people heading in the wrong direction with the right support, to minimise the impact of poor mental wellbeing