Member Wellbeing

Interactive wellbeing support to ENGAGE your members

Discover how to proactively support member mental wellbeing to drive engagement and gain a lens into how your profession feels

Mental health diagnostics

Weekly wellbeing check-ins

Track mood and deep dive into core pillars of wellbeing to reveal what really matters to your members

Instant wellbeing support

Get connected to in-the-moment support

  • Early warning system Identify early signs of mental health challenges.
  • Connect with the best support resources One-click access to the best people out there
  • Speak up Share comments anonymously with us
Develop your wellbeing

Personalised action plans

  • Learning content tailored to you Videos, activities & habit nudges mapped to your scores
  • Add in your choice of actions Create your own or pick from the curated range of wellbeing habit nudges
  • Track progress Watch your scores move as you complete your actions