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Empower your people to proactively manage their wellbeing, gain visibility of their real concerns and minimise the impact of poor mental health on your organisation

What we do

A platform that works for you

Are you doing everything you can to support your people? It all starts with giving your people control - they need tools to evaluate how they feel, personalised plans and instant support to prevent challenges becoming crises - and in return, you'll have a data picture like never before, showing EXACTLY how your people feel

Wellbeing check-in & diagnostics

Track progress, identify stressors and detect early signs of challenges

Connect to instant support

Give your people access to qualified professionals at their moment-in-need

Personalised wellbeing plans

Automated creation of personal plans with actions, eLearning and content


Virtual coaching with qualified professionals

We connect your people with support at their moment in need via 1-2-1 wellness coaching, therapy and counselling with qualified mental health professionals.

The platform for scaling wellbeing

Give everyone the chance to check-in on their wellbeing, connect with in-the-moment support, work through personalised action plans and transform how they feel about their wellbeing

The people for instant support

Give people personalised support at their moment-in-need with stress-free virtual coaching from professionals specialising in specific pillars of mental health


Let Hapstar become
an extension of your team

Yes, your platform needs to be cutting edge, but we've meticulously designed the end-to-end solution to deliver impact

Interactive platform

All the tools and content to empower your people to pro-actively manage their own wellbeing, helping to build your data lens.

Continuously updating content

Access an ever expanding range of eLearning to ensure your people gain access to the latest thinking.

Flexible technology

Customise your platform with your content, thresholds, support lines, data filters and talk to us about digitising your wellbeing processes.

Relentless support

We NEVER charge extra for essentials. Your expertly managed launch and ongoing unlimited customer success plan will always be included.

Secure by design

Our no.1 principle is maintaining the highest possible information security standards and providing you with all the documentation you need to ensure full compliance.

Commercial fairness

Simple, cost effective & all inclusive flat-rate pricing gives you long term visibility with no nasty surprises.

Case studies

East of England Ambulance Service

"We are very excited to partner with Hapstar to support our 6000+ people. The need for proactive, anonymised wellbeing data to enable us to respond quickly has never been greater," Debs Crelly, Head of Health & Wellbeing.

Helping Ingeus provide critical mental health support

"As experts in employment & wellbeing services, we recognise the positive impact a greater awareness of wellbeing can have in work.

We are excited to enhance our support to Work and Health Programme Pioneer participants through utilisation of Hapstar to help measure, track and improve participant wellbeing."

Transformation within engineering company Spencer Group

"Hapstar has been transformative for us. We’ve always invested in the wellbeing of our people, but having a deeper understanding of their needs means we can support them far more effectively."

Helping with stress in the recruitment sector for CSR Group

"Setbacks, stretching targets, high pressure and regular disappointment can easily lead to poor mental health for recruitment consultants. At CSR we're facing this head on with Hapstar."

Help Center

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Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us for a friendly chat.

Yes, you can add content, branding, set the warning system thresholds and data filters, integrate your support resources and work with our team to digitise your wellbeing processes.

Complex, user-based and ulterior motive based pricing plans are not our style. We think it's only fair to provide you with a simple, predictable flat-rate annual price for unlimited use with unlimited expert support.

You can rest assured we have all the documentation needed, and we're UK hosted, compliant with all relevant legislation, Cyber Essentials Certified with documented mapping to ISO27001.

The platform is automatically configured to run anonymously, since this is the preference for most clients, since their people are more likely to engage knowing this. For some clients, knowing the user details is important, so we are able to run the platform in non-anonymous mode.

We have world-class therapists, counsellors and coaches available for your people to book online calls with directly within the platform. This is an additional feature that is turned on/off as required by you.

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