Partnership announcement: Welcome to CSR Group

The team at Hapstar is delighted to welcome CSR Group as a new client.

CSR Group are pioneers in transforming wellbeing in the recruitment sector. By launching the Hapstar platform, the CSR Group will detect early signs of mental health and wellbeing challenges, provide instant support for staff most in-need, and gain visibility about what really matters to their people.

We know first-hand that recruitment is hard.

It is one of many industries that faces high stress, lots of setbacks, targets, pressure and disappointment. How do they deal with this?

The answer is, many don’t. And that leads to serious problems.

But there are companies leading the way in supporting their people where it matters, taking wellbeing seriously and making sure the stress never becomes too much.

As pioneers committed to transforming wellbeing in recruitment, CSR Group are facing this reality head on with our support at Hapstar. Forward thinking and innovative, the team at CSR Group are ready to do all they can to take care of their people, paving the way for other recruitment companies to follow suit.

Here’s to tackling these issues together.