Partnership announcement: Welcome to Oculus Group

We are delighted to welcome the Oculus Group as our latest client. This is super news, since Oculus will be the first Hapstar client rolling out the latest version of our fantastic platform for taking a preventative approach to mental health.

Oculus Group puts it’s people at the centre of everything – and employee wellbeing in the top HR priority. Hapstar is providing a central home for all things wellbeing, whilst giving employees the chance to check in on their wellbeing, work through automated personalised action plans and connect with instant support.

We’ll be connecting employees with other existing wellbeing resources, including wellbeing champions, helplines and webinars – via the Hapstar app and desktop site. Completely anonymous for all users, employees will be able to confidently Speak Up, helping to create an open, safe work environment and a culture of listening. 

Having such an incredible company like Oculus Group working with us is a real honour. Welcome aboard!