Partnership announcement: Welcome to Aura Futures

2024 is off to a flying start!

We are delighted to welcome Aura Futures as our latest client. We’ll be working together to create a magnifying glass view of how staff feel about all facets of the work environment within Aura Future, and digitising wellbeing processes to underpin positive mental health across all staff.

Aura Futures is a business defined by its values. Being collaborative, responsible, and transformative has led Aura to take an innovative approach to employee experience and wellbeing.
The thing we look for most in clients and partners is buy-in from senior leaders. A true top down approach when it comes to looking after wellbeing makes a huge difference, and Aura has demonstrated this from the start. 
Since launching, engagement across Aura staff has been superb, generating 1000s of data points and visualising drivers and challenges to wellbeing and employee experience, helping Aura to focus on initiatives that really matter to their people.