Partnership announcement: Welcome to Hitachi, welcome to Talentia!

Today is an incredibly proud day for everyone at Hapstar, as we announce our partnership to support the incredible people within 2 new Hapstar clients: Hitachi Solutions Europe and Talentia Group.

This is just the start of the journey for the management teams and employees within both companies, and for the team at Hapstar, as we work to make a measurable impact on the wellbeing of their people. Big change can’t happen overnight, and we’re committed to being an extension of the team for both companies over the coming years.

With the new Hapstar platform successfully launched, every day we’re helping employers reduce the consequences and cost of deteriorating mental wellbeing in the workplace.

By detecting signs of wellbeing challenges, connecting with in-the-moment support and prescribing personalised action plans, we’re helping to reduce the number of people falling into a negative state of mental health.

If, each month, just ONE employee feels more focussed, more present and less concerned about outside pressures, then the return on investment is off the chart. Helping employees to speak up, to diagnose their own wellbeing and putting a personalised action plan in their hands is at the core of the Hapstar platform, but it’s the work of the team and our energetic clients that makes it all come alive. 

Thank you to the teams at Hitachi and Talentia. We’re all very excited to see what we achieve together.