Partnership announcement: welcome to Ingeus

The team at Hapstar is delighted to welcome Ingeus as a new client.

Being out of work can have an enormous negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. Through the Work and Health Programme Pioneer Support Programme, Ingeus provides critical support for people looking for and in work. 

By helping people to identify wellbeing issues, Hapstar and Ingeus can connect people with the most relevant instant support and track their progress. Ensuring people are in a positive mindset is critical to being able to cope with the demands of applying for and taking a new job, and to be confident about staying in employment.

Ingeus Operations Director Amanda Newell said:

“We are really excited to enhance our support to Work and Health Programme Pioneer participants through utilisation of new tools like Hapstar to help measure, track and improve their overall happiness and wellbeing. As experts in employment and wellbeing services to enable better lives, we recognise the positive impact that a greater awareness of wellbeing can have in taking positive steps to progress, and ultimately succeed in work”. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we’re supporting partners like Ingeus, government programmes, or companies to take a preventative approach to wellbeing, drop us an email on and we will arrange a chat.

Here’s to tackling these issues together.