Hapstar & Collab Group host forum to address staff wellbeing in FE

The Hapstar team is excited to announce a model for transformational support for staff wellbeing in Further Education.

Following our July 6th forum with senior HR & wellbeing leaders from Chichester College, Newham College, Trafford College, Gateshead College and the Collab Group, a 3 step hypothesis was agreed:

  1. if a college measures staff wellbeing, then it knows its starting point, and the unique issues facing its staff
  2. wellbeing initiatives are a given, and a college must monitor their effectiveness over time
  3. if all colleges routinely measured employee wellbeing, the data will set the course for a best practice model for improving outcomes.

Staff burnout, workload, an ageing workforce, big organisational change and staff retention were all recognised as common sources of pressure within colleges. And whilst OFSTED, the DfE and the AoC already have formalised tools for supporting colleges, there is so much that can be improved.

Hapstar already equips staff in FE with habit-changing tools for their personal and professional wellbeing. In return, the college views real-time insights into how people feel, including the workplace culture, whilst creating an open, anonymous communication channel with staff.

With this 3 step hypothesis in place, in conjunction with our advisory board of colleges, we’re on a mission to build out a platform designed by colleges for colleges.


If you’d like to get involved and be part of the community helping to improve staff wellbeing in FE, then drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.