Partnership announcement: Welcome to East of England Ambulance Service Trust

Today is an incredibly proud day for everyone at Hapstar, as we announce our partnership to support the incredible people of the East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST).

There are some jobs, industries, and organisations where mental health and wellbeing is challenged on a regular basis. Few more so than on the front lines of the NHS. People who are coping with the daily demands of working within the ambulance service and the inevitable impact on wellbeing that this entails.

EEAST and Hapstar are working to support the wellbeing of their 6000+ people, through the ‘Time for Me’ platform – powered by Hapstar. By detecting signs of deteriorating mental health, connecting with in-the-moment support and prescribing personalised action plans, we’re helping to reduce the number of people falling into a negative state of mental health.

This is exactly why we started our journey with Hapstar, and having the chance to continue growing and developing what we do, alongside the wonderful EEAST people & wellbeing team, is a big step forward. 

Thank you to the full team at EEAST for the opportunity to work with you. We’re all very excited to see what we achieve together.