Hapstar has now collected a landmark 50,000 data points

Since launching in May, the data has been rolling in. Employees are increasingly taking a few moments out of their day to score their drivers and drainers of happiness, wellbeing and career health.  

In the first week of July we were very excited to break through the 50,000 data points collected mark. This gives us a super sample size to comment on the state of employee workplace wellbeing. 

The key findings:

  1. Employees consistently score their career happiness higher than their personal wellbeing
  2. The lowest scores consistently relate to financial, physical and facets of mental health
  3. The biggest positive impact on overall happiness happens when sleep is addressed
  4. Companies who spend less on wellbeing, but regularly communicate with their employees about wellbeing support, have on average 20%+ higher scores
  5. Average increase in happiness scores from first star to third is 11%

If you’d like to learn how to spot early warning signs and avoid wellbeing issues, whilst giving your employees habit changing tools they’ll love, come talk to us about joining our community dedicated to improving workplace wellbeing.