Partnership announcement: Welcome to Spencer Group

We’re delighted to welcome Spencer Group as a client. Together, we’re on a mission to create a data-driven, people-centric approach to employee wellbeing.

“Hapstar has been transformative for us here at Spencer Group. We’ve always invested in the health and wellbeing of our people, but having a deeper understanding of their needs means we can support them far more effectively,” said Yvonne Moir, HR Director at Spencer Group.

Spencer Group is a multi-disciplinary Engineering business that puts wellbeing at the core of its culture. They were looking for an innovative new approach to employee health and wellness, so approached Hapstar to explore what a data-led wellbeing strategy could look like.

Within 2 weeks of launching to staff, 1000s of data points were already gathered from the 250 employees within Spencer Group, helping to steer new initiatives in areas where they were needed most. After just 1 month, there was a 10% increase in happiness scores.

“Hapstar has allowed us to prove we’re listening to our people and react in real-time by implementing data-driven wellbeing initiatives, tailored to individual groups or demographics within the business. The insights received are invaluable and will have enormous impact on our company culture,” commented Matt Mallory, Marketing Manager at Spencer Group.

Spencer Group have since been recognised for their innovative new approach to their wellbeing by a national industry magazine.


Welcome Spencer Group!