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We're passionate about the instrumental role technology can play in transforming how people feel  about their mental wellbeing. We're building a community of clients who feel the same, who challenge us and ask us to digitise their wellbeing processes for the benefit of all. 

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What we do

We focus on people and engagement

We understand the complexities of introducing new services and collaborate relentlessly without limits (or charges!)

We aim to dramatically reduce the number of people who suffer from a wellbeing challenge from slipping into a poor state of mental health, whilst helping you understand how your people truly feel so you can respond with the most appropriate support.

Every person should have the self awareness to be able to understand the support they need, and be able to access the support in their moment-of-need.

We set out to solve some serious issues, so everyone at Hapstar is serious about playing their part. We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and trust in all our interactions.


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We're a team on a mission

Everyone at Hapstar is passionate about building the most effective resources for improving mental wellbeing. From our technology team to customer success, our product team to our content team, every day every we challenge ourselves to learn from our clients and build this into the services we offer.

Chris Powell

Chief of Product

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The best answer comes from a strong community

We're lucky to have a super starting point - equally we recognise there are no silver bullets for solving complex issues, and wellbeing is one of THE most challenging issues. We want to hear about your beliefs, your processes - can we work together as a community to build the very best, so we can help our people?